"The nations shall know that I am the Lord,” says the Lord God, “when I am hallowed in you before their eyes." ~ Ezekiel 36:23

I think ...

The framers of the Constitution of the United States knew full well what they were doing.

I have been largely a Republican voter because most Republican candidates are more closely aligned with my political and social views. The GOP is not, however, the solution to this country's woes, instead they are simply one of the mechanisms in place that should bolster and maintain our freedoms. Most Democrat candidates, on the other hand, stand for the end of morality and the end of freedom in the United States of America.

Both parties are glutted with greedy, power mad lemmings who are unwilling to, or morally incapable of, taking a stand for honor, truth and simple human dignity. We need a Constitutional Amendment to enact term limitations on members of Congress and all federal judiciaries. This will never happen, however, because it takes two thirds of the members of Congress to call for an Amendment and they are too self serving a group to limit themselves.

The best size for government is small.

The people of this nation should take responsibility for their own actions and rely upon themselves as much as possible, looking to family and church for assistance when needed. The government is not your friend and must not be a well of relief.

Abortion is murder; only God should decide which babies live and which babies die.

Most immigrants come to this country to enjoy American freedoms and have no just cause to attempt to change those freedoms. This nation is not like other nations and we have no sane call to attempt to emulate countries our ancestors left to come here.

Voting is a right and a privilege in this country and must not be taken lightly. An ignorant fool votes for "good looks", a pleasant voice, a family name, an ethnicity or gender. A balanced voter picks several issues close to his heart and votes for the person most closely aligned with his or her opinions on those issues. There are a wealth of voter guides available to discover candidate views.

Just, firm punishment should be swift and fit the crime.

The just penalty for murder is death, according to God, the Creator of life.

Every lawful citizen that desires to do so should carry a weapon, concealed or unconcealed, and be fully trained in its use. Unlawful citizens will respect the uncertainty.

Every adult citizen should spend a mandatory period of time in military or civil service.

Adultery and divorce are shameful acts.  Adultery is fornication, illicit and harmful sexual activity.

Adultery, homosexual sexual activity, pedophilia, bestiality and all types of sexual perversion are sinful acts. Abstinence is still the best policy.

We all have a responsibility to God and to our families to curb our fleshly desires. Look to God for the strength to resist temptation. It won't be easy but it is necessary.

God created children to be intelligent enough to understand simple moral truths and if we will give them a moral standard and example in which to aspire, they can achieve it.

It is the parent's role to raise their children to understand God's Commandments and it is the parent's role to live according to those standards so that their children will believe them.

It is a failure of our society that we are so consumer driven that we engage both parents to work outside the home so that we can have "more". Children need their parent's time more than they need a DS, a cell phone, a television in their rooms or $40 jeans.

Less is infinitely more.

The National Education Association and most local teachers organizations are purposefully engaged in the systematic destruction of morality in this country and every parent with children in the public educational systems should open their eyes, rise up and demand their dissolution.

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