"The nations shall know that I am the Lord,” says the Lord God, “when I am hallowed in you before their eyes." ~ Ezekiel 36:23

Saturday, August 16, 2008

While this post is focused primarily on Christian families, I absolutely encourage the non-Christian homeschooling families as well and my prayer is also for you!

As we begin a new school year I want to send out a hearty "Thank You" to all the teachers who double up as homemakers, taxi drivers, shoppers, cleaners, coaches, librarians, encouragers, planners, tour guides, mentors, pastors, nurses and nutritionists.  You all carry a heavy  burden and hopefully your burden is made lighter by your devotion to Jesus and hopefully eased and supported by your families.

You have a great task and a greater joy, in knowing that your service to your children will be blessed and that your children will be stronger in every way through your efforts.

This is my prayer for you and I ask you to join me in it.

Father God, will you bless these teachers?  We pray for strength and wellness in their bodies, clear minds and hearts of joy.  We ask you, Father, to give them an abundance of patience and that they will be thrilled by their student's obedience and devotion to learning.  We pray that their homes and places of learning will be sanctified, made holy and devoted to your honor.  We ask you to place a strong hedge around their homes and their families, to protect them physically, spiritually and mentally against the lies and snares of the evil one.  We ask you to provide in abundance for all their needs.

Father, will you encourage the students; clear their minds of the things of this world, ready them to be filled with the wonders and knowledge you have created for them?  Help them to be obedient, thirsting for knowledge and truth and prepared every day to face the challenges of that day.  Prepare the older students with hearts of service to help the younger students.  Show each one his mission field for this season and encourage them in bold ministry.

Father , We ask you to bless and encourage the non-teaching spouses.  We thank you that they are willing to share in homeschooling by bringing home your provision and by allowing the school to be.   We ask you to ease their burden and their spirits, help them to be strongly supportive and encouraging, to recognize the burden their teaching spouses carry and to have confidence and joy in them.  We rejoice, Lord, that your sons and daughters are stepping forward in faith to raise your family in a manner that honors You.

We ask you, Mighty God, to comfort those that must make a decision, for whatever reason, to not homeschool this year.  We pray Your hand of provision for them especially Father, and ask you to meet all their needs.

We ask your hand of protection over the children that are venturing into private and public schools this year; guide their minds and help them to hold the banner of righteousness high in their daily walk.   Protect their path and guard their eyes, their minds and their manners.

We thank you Father, that you have placed us in this land and in this time and have made available to us the freedom to educate our children;  to educate our children with truthful knowledge according to your desires and according to your great design.  We lift up to You our local and national government officials and ask you to guide their minds.

We lift each one of them, teacher, student and spouse, up to you Father, and pray that your will be done in each of their lives.

In Jesus mighty name We pray,


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