"The nations shall know that I am the Lord,” says the Lord God, “when I am hallowed in you before their eyes." ~ Ezekiel 36:23

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

a snowball's chance

We are no longer on the brink of madness, we have found empty air beneath our feet.

Homosexual mayors, comedian senators, movie star governors and a ruling class in Washington with no grasp of reality have led us like lemmings to the edge and over.

We can blame no one but ourselves; we have enabled the madness, in our apathy, in our quest for stuff, in our desire to be fed as needy hatchlings, mouths open and squawking for the worm.

We have a President, who by all norms of logic, should not have been elected dog catcher, much, much less to the seat of global power.  A no account, inexperienced, untested and untried, "nobody" has become the President of these United States and in that accomplishment, our future has been foretold.

We have become madness itself.

Frothing  Nancy Graces and Jerry Springers captivate us of with their ghoul like ability to elevate pain, degradation and suffering to the heights of entertainment that make celebrities of felons, murderers, child molesters, pedophiles, adulterers and monsters of society.

Hell has frozen over, the fat lady has sung, the anthem has played for the last time and we are staring at the test pattern.

The foundations of our society have imploded and our structures are falling.  We are Rome.

Foot thick unread bills are passed in Washington by a hysterical ruling body because someone has proclaimed the sky to be falling and, without looking up, we have followed the sound of the piper.

Our collective cord has unraveled.  We are undone.

Distracted by rapidly rising gas and food prices and a falsely stated economy, the hook sunk deep into the flesh, we were reeled in by the powers that be, by "them", by those who would have their way with us.  We searched for and found a false hope.  We grasped at nothing and found it.

Our society legislates pornography and celebrates sodomy, we decry "murder" and kill millions of unborn children annually, we diversify and tolerate to the point of mass stupidity. Our public schools are the joke of the world but we continue to allow the same failing organizations and governmental bodies to dictate school policy and methodology.

In our apathy and self indulgence, our mass willingness to "let someone else do it" and our careless disregard of the Constitution we have enabled a ruling class of representatives to do nothing of the sort. They do not represent us, instead representing their own self interests and the strengthening and propogation of the party.

It is well past midnight, we are tucked "safely" in our beds with a blind hope that tomorrow will be, not better, but more of the same; because we are satisfied.

Howard Beale was right.

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