"The nations shall know that I am the Lord,” says the Lord God, “when I am hallowed in you before their eyes." ~ Ezekiel 36:23

Friday, February 03, 2017

Fractured America

We've got a new President, Donald J. Trump.

He defeated Hilary Clinton, the Democrat candidate by a fairly wide margin in the Electoral College, though losing the popular vote, mainly due to California voters.

The results clearly indicate the existent continuing need for the Electoral College, preventing few highly populated areas from deciding the election.

The country is divided on the results.

On the Left, liberals and independents, the opinion of many is that Donald Trump, a former liberal Democrat and non-politician, has far too many personal, and perhaps hidden agendas, that do not resonate with their thought processes and personal fears.  I can see that.

Donald Trump, a hugely successful business man, speaks his mind, without political filters.

In many ways he is "Joe Public".  His method of unfiltered speech is like "bar talk", the kind of outspoken and free expression that tends to energize listeners.  He is saying aloud to the public what he thinks.  While many of his ideas inflame, others sooth and resonate with a huge portion of America.

He is fed up with the governmental mentality, an out of touch power mad group in Washington that just do not represent the average American, and haven't in decades.

Enough is enough, and America responded by electing this loud, outspoken, brash, frequently rude and crude, businessman to the seat of power.  Many who voted for him are not pleased with him personally, myself included, but we've had enough of a Governing body that simply does not represent the Constitutional foundation in this country.

Our Presidents, especially Obama, have littered history with a disdain for the general public, primarily focused on representing only a closed circle of ideas and supporters.

We are on the verge of civil war in this nation, something that has been building and brewing during  the Presidencies of G.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.  We, the general public have not been represented by a Senate and Congress that have become  fixated on maintaining personal power, while communicating a false bigotry across the spectrum of ideas.  Intolerance, bigotry, racism, and a promotion of hatred across ideologies has become the norm, perhaps finally personalized in the "reign" of Obama.  His Presidency was divisive, and he promoted the separation of the lines between liberals and conservatives with frequent derision of anyone who did not follow his narrow view of how this country should be managed.  I think he was a close to a dictator as we have seen, and the conservative representatives in the Senate and Congress cowered to his penmanship and left the country divided.

In my opinion, we were one Supreme Court Justice away from a bloody revolution.  Had Obama, or an elected Clinton,  been able to fill the vacant open seat with a liberal in the Court, we would likely had erupted in armed revolution within a decade of probable suppression of the Constitution and freedom in America.

Now, withe a nation severely divided on ideologies, not only conservative and liberal, but many independents who have neither side that represents the new media morality in America.  The Media, largely liberal, have become storytellers, not fact reporters, and the public is overwhelmed with a media narrative that loudly misrepresents events, and we have few avenues, perhaps none, the we can turn to for truth.  A generation is poised to take power in America that has a fractured version of reality, brain fed by a 4 inch screen, picking and choosing which "facts" they cling to.  They are lost, confused, and shouting to be heard.  I dig it, I'm not happy either.

more to come

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