"The nations shall know that I am the Lord,” says the Lord God, “when I am hallowed in you before their eyes." ~ Ezekiel 36:23

Friday, July 11, 2008

McDonald's: Christian boycotters 'hate' homosexuals

"Those who oppose homosexuality for religious reasons are participating in "hate," according to an official for McDonald's, the worldwide purveyor of Big Macs and Happy Meals"

I encourage you to "hate" spending money at McDonald's!


I would like to make clear one important point. I do NOT hate homosexuals. A person who indulges in the sin of homosexual activity is God's creation, just as I am and just as you are. Each of us is created in His image.

I believe that the Bible makes very clear those things that God hates and I believe that the Bible is God's Word to man; His playbook for our lives. The truth and the reality of His Word does not hinge on whether or not someone believes the Bible to be true; it just is.

I am a glutton, live a fleshly and slothful life, and have anger and pride issues that serve to give me more than enough room for personal correction. I am just as great a sinner as any homosexual, pedophile, adulterer, thief, liar, or murderer. Sin is sin; there are no shades of gray in these matters.

A homosexual man or woman, by choice, engages in unnatural sexual activity; unnatural according to God's standard and unnatural according to design and purpose. It is not about love, it is all about sex. There is nothing wrong or unnatural about the love a man might feel for a man or a woman for a woman. The natural becomes unnatural when the clothes come off and two persons of the same gender indulge their fleshly lust with sexual activity. Sexual immorality, be it homosexuality, bestialty, adultery, incest, or  any sex outside of the marriage bed defies God's desire and order for man.

You will find that I make note of the cultural issues of homosexuality and abortion more often than other topics because these issues have become political issues, are in our face daily and I believe that we have a  duty to take a stand for righteousness in the political arena.   We must make our voices heard by the representatives that we have elected and we must not give in either to the small percent of the population that indulges in these behaviors or to the minority that approves of or financially supports them, be they corporate, civic or personal.

Let the businesses that promote and support sexual immorality hear from you.

It's not supposed to be about me or you, it's supposed to be about God.


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