"The nations shall know that I am the Lord,” says the Lord God, “when I am hallowed in you before their eyes." ~ Ezekiel 36:23

Sunday, January 22, 2012

How do I vote thee? Let me count the ways ....

My wife reminded me of a different view toward casting that important decision in November 2012.

It's not about the candidate, its about what he represents; its about what his party represents.  We must set aside our like or dislike of the final candidate for whichever party we most closely align ourselves to and vote in that direction.

Do you believe that a woman's right to convenience outweighs the right to an unborn child's life?  Do you believe that our nation should be governed by a foreign collective, the UN, instead of by representatives  duly elected by the people?  Do you believe that homosexuals deserve special treatment; that, contrary to their own vocal demands for "equality", they should be a protected class, given preferential bias in all areas of American society and culture?  Do you believe that no one should have to take personal responsibility for their actions and that, instead, the government will protect those who lack or fail to exercise common sense,  from themselves and from society?  Do you believe that the Federal Government has the intelligence, foresight and capacity to creatively make your life decisions for you?  Do you believe that the Federal Government is better equipped to make parental decisions for your children?  Do you believe that it is better to keep generations of citizens in poverty, continuing to feed, house, clothe, and minimally educate them so that the vast majority they will never rise above their current living condition.  Do you believe that striving for success in America, for any reason other than increasing your ability to give your success away at the mandate of the Federal Government, is wrong?

If you believe all these things, then you should vote for the Democrat candidate, whomever he or she may be.

If, however, you disagree with these concepts, then your vote must logically be cast in another direction.

Do you believe that God created life and holds it to be a precious?  Do you believe that the Constitution of The United States of America is, and should continue to be, the sole source of law in America?  Do you understand and believe that homosexuals are already protected by exactly the same laws that protect heterosexuals and that they are not deserving of anything special or different solely because they choose to live differently?  Do you believe that, according to all existing laws and God's design, that each of us has a free will and that we must be held accountable for the exercise of that will and that we must rightly suffer the just consequences, good and bad,  of our decisions and choices?  Do you understand that the Federal Government is made up of common men and women and that each of them suffers the same flaws and weaknesses that each and every other one of us do; that they are not "super wise and intelligent" people that we should blindly follow?  Do you believe that the parent is best equipped to raise their own children in the manner of each family's personal views and beliefs and that the Government has no place in that decision making process, other than in the exercise of common law?

These beliefs best represent a vote for a Republican candidate, whomever that candidate may be.

Somewhere between these two views are the Libertarians and you might discover your vote properly belongs there.

In any case, please, don't throw away your vote, and your country, by voting for or against a face, a name, a suit, a hair style, an accent, a spouse or a skin color.  Don 't diminish yourself by voting for an attitude.  Vote for the party that best represents your views; and then pray that God will guide the individual who comes out in the lead.

BTW, exercise common sense; just because one party claims to be the ONLY party that represents a particular view, keep in mind that politics is primarily a popularity contest and telling you what you want to hear is the most employed tactic.

I remember being in McAllen, TX on the eve of the Clinton/Bush election and hearing Bill Clinton tell a crowd of 10,000+ on the airport tarmac  that, if he was elected, he would guarantee a free college education to all their children.  This was a ridiculous promise, but the crowd roared its approval, and I'm sure that Governor Clinton chuckled all the way back to his plane seat, certain that more than a few would vote for him just because of that one farcical bit of last minute grandstanding.  Politicians have always known, and counted on, what P.T. Barnum reportedly said, "There's a sucker born every minute."; some parties count on them more than others.

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