"The nations shall know that I am the Lord,” says the Lord God, “when I am hallowed in you before their eyes." ~ Ezekiel 36:23

Monday, March 11, 2013

Obama the puppet

I received a good word last night from a recent friend.  We need to minimize villainizing President Obama; he is merely a puppet on a stage that is bigger than we can imagine, and we can imagine big.  The real enemy of the Constitution, at least the American face of it, is the Democratic Party.  They, the voters, the people behind the party, are responsible for propping him up, for following his "lead" and for continuing to empower him and his anti-American antics, through their continued voting support.

From now on, we need to remind the folks who might be listening that it is the Democratic Party that must be battled, today, tomorrow and until the few good men and women who are involved with this immoral, murderous, anti-Constitutional party have come to their senses, and the Democratic Party is at least reduced to a dull roar.  The alternative continues to be hideous.

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