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Monday, October 20, 2008

The following email was sent to the PROVE mailing list:

Dear PROVE Members,


Below are links to both the McCain and Obama health plans.  There is also an AAPS article discussing independent analyses of each plan.  We urge you to take the time to read through this information.  There are problems with both of these plans, and both candidates need to hear from those that will participate in the election process.  As a matter of fact, every candidate, except for those like Land Commissioner, should hear your position on issues concerning your family’s health care so they will know how to help fix things after the election. 


For more than a decade, PROVE has provided a voice and a platform for families to demand greater control over their vaccination decisions and to protect the privacy of their health records.  PROVE was born out of the problematic health care policies of the Clinton administration regarding immunization registries.  With the help of many concerned families, we were successful in aiding the defeat of a mandatory inclusion vaccine tracking registry in Texas.  We were also successful at advocating for and getting legislation passed adding the conscientious exemption from mandatory vaccination and for aiding in the defeat of the Governor's executive order requiring the HPV vaccination of sixth grade girls in Texas.  


The common thread through each of these issues we’ve become involved in is overreaching government.  There is a broken health care system in this country: not because we don't have enough government oversight or involvement, but rather because we have too much. More is definitely not the answer.  Much of what has been achieved in the last twelve years could be at risk with more government involvement.  Both candidates want electronic medical records.  Electronic records aren't really a problem in and of themselves, however, it is what can be done with them that is the concern.  If personal electronic medical records are used to measure health care quality(according to the pharmaceutical industry’s standards) or reward providers for achieving performance thresholds (defined by those leaning towards pharmaceutical interventions including immunizations) as one candidate suggests, then we can kiss what is left of medical privacy and the freedom to truly choose our health care goodbye. 


One candidate highlights immunization in several areas of his plan and says he will require that all children have health care coverage.  What if your health care dollars could be better spent by paying cash to one of the growing number of doctors refusing to participate in the insurance system who also lets you CHOOSE not to immunize your child?  Maybe your family chooses alternative medicine as your primary form of care.  How would this insurance mandate on families and the extra costs associated with it affect you, your taxes, your employer, and your community?  


Many of our current problems exist because we have allowed government institutions to run in a way where the people effectively have no voice.  Pharmaceutical and medical industry lobbyists have been and continue to be the primary voice in Washington.  Our children cannot afford to lose our voice as their parents – we know how to love and care for them better than any bureaucrat or conflict of interest laden lobbyist.  Do not be fooled into falling for some government health care scheme that will be administered by bureaucrats and lobbied for by companies with a monetary interest while ignoring those who are affected the most.


Please take the time to read these health plans and research additional information before you vote.  Then, most importantly of all, get ready to write letters and make phone calls no matter who wins because it will be necessary. 


Sincerely, Rebecca Rex and Dawn Richardson

Barack Obama Health Care Plan

John McCain Health Care Plan

Which candidate’s health plan will hurt the most?

"PROVE provides information on vaccines, and the immunization policies and practices that affect the children and adults of Texas. Our mission is to prevent vaccine injury and death and to promote and protect the right of every person to make informed independent vaccination decisions for themselves and their families."

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