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Thursday, February 26, 2009

business online that is not!

I am so frustrated with companies that ask you to go online and then require a phone call or other contact to finish the deal!

Cable - set up a cable appointment online and then received a phone message stating that I MUST call back to confirm the appointment!

Bank - set up a bank draft online and then received notice that I MUST call in to confirm the amount requested!

Auto repair - set up an appointment online and then notified that I would receive an email or phone call to CONFIRM the appointment!

What is the point of going online to make these kinds of transactions if I MUST  make/receive phone calls in order to confirm the information that I gave them online?  Do businesses in America just not GET the concept of online transactions as a streamlined method of contact?

And WHY do so many internet sites with newsletters make it impossible or extremely difficult to change your email address, often having to unsubscribe the old and resubscribe the new?  It's EMAIL!  Should you NOT focus on the EMAIL setting/address as a priority?

Reminds of a company I once worked for that set up a BBS to transfer documents between branches in order to avoid travel time and then REQUIRED a visit to sign the documents with an original signature in ink!


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