"The nations shall know that I am the Lord,” says the Lord God, “when I am hallowed in you before their eyes." ~ Ezekiel 36:23

Sunday, February 08, 2009

The smartest thing Bill Clinton did was to keep his hands off the economy that began rolling during the Reagan era.  His wisdom in keeping his hands in his pockets allowed him to capture the credit for President Reagen's policies.  Smooth move, Slick Willie.

The best thing President Obama could do for our economy is a similar stategy.  Sink the "Spendulous" package, let the liberal politicians eat their own sausage and let the chips fall where they may in American business. 

Right will level out and wrong will be buried.

This bailout is a sham and the less time we spend considering it, the less sausage and eggs will stain the record of President Obama.

Mr. President, Jimmy Carter is not remembered as a noteworthy President; don't follow his lead.

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