"The nations shall know that I am the Lord,” says the Lord God, “when I am hallowed in you before their eyes." ~ Ezekiel 36:23

Saturday, October 15, 2011

life at 40 hours

I work hard for my money, and, if I was fortunate enough to earn enough to buy a yacht, my yacht would probably have two wheels, but I would be satisfied that I had earned it and it would be mine by the sweat of my brows and the work of my hands and no free loader's gonna take that away.

Many "millionaires" started as small business owners and were successful to the 'nth degree (ben and jerry, HEB, Kroger, etc....) They worked hard, put in their time and hired thousands of folks and today, due to their successes, they employ thousands more and more and more and more every day. Sam Walton started as a small business owner and the list can be strung out for days and days of "small business owners" who made it to millionaire/biliionaire status.

That's the American way.  Work hard, enjoy your success.

As far as I'm concerned, they earned it and they should be entitled to reap what they sowed. Should they pay a fair share of taxes? They already do, and then some.  The richest "1%" of Americans pay the lion's share of taxes and have for generations.

I've been told I should stop watching Fox news and get the real story.  I don't spend much time watching Fox, (I don't have cable/sattelite and only get to watch Fox on my break at my JOB) but, o.k., I'll stop watching Fox news completely. I never did care much for Sean Hannity and, to be honest, the talking heads at Fox are not much more balanced than the talking heads at MSNBC, CNN, NBC, CBS and ABC.  Maybe I should join the rest of the "puddin heads" and just believe everything Behar and Winfrey have to say!

I read and follow a lot of news and opininon on Twitter, both conservative and liberal.  Should I also stop following all these? Where am I going to get my information, Calvin and Hobbes?

OWS is a sad joke, a pitiful commentary of the State of the Union, a Union run by generations of "Fat Cat" politicians, Democrats and Republicans, but lets not look at the facts, that would take all the fun out of the discussion. Let's just keep blaming George Bush, both of 'em, for all of the ills our country faces.

Six years from now, the Republicans will be blaming Obama, 10 years later the new Democrat President will be blaming the last Republican Presidents and so on and so on and nothing will ever change, except we'll look like England again, with insane taxation and millions of folks on a willingly self imposed slavery to the government.

Then the hordes will come and we'll see the end of this great experiment called America!

Gotta go to work now, I have a long twelve hours ahead of me to support my family and my "extravagant lifestyle".

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